Nickel and nickel alloy powder, inconel600 and Monel as raw material, sintered nickel filter is produced after screening, forming, sintering.

Main performance:

  1. High temperature resistance, can work under 800-1200℃
  2. High filtering precision, stable pore, it can effectively remove suspended particles and particles
  3. Good air permeability, low pressure loss, high porosity, uniform pore size, small initial resistance, easy back blowing, online regeneration, easy cleaning, strong regeneration ability and long service life.
  4. High mechanical strength, good rigidity, good plasticity, no need to support with skeleton, easy to install and use, easy maintenance, easy assembly by welding, bonding and machining。
  5. With the advantages of uniform pores, it is especially suitable for occasions with high uniformity of fluid distribution and homogenization treatment。
  6. Filtration accuracy:0.5~50μm。
  7. No particles fall off, no secondary pollution to raw liquor
  8. Good mechanical properties, low differential pressure, large flow, pressure filtration and pumping filtration workable, simple operation
  9. With good corrosion resistance, it can work stably in nitric acid, sulfuric acid, acetic acid, oxalic acid, phosphoric acid, 5% hydrochloric acid, molten sodium, hydrogen, nitrogen, hydrogen, acetylene, water vapor, hydrogen, carbon dioxide gas
  10. Good forming process, length can reach 1200 mm without welding. One-forming, without cutting, high material effectually using rate, it is especially suitable for large batch and complex structure components


Filtering level particle size that filtered


Permeability(≥) Thickness


Compression Strength Mpa/cm2 Maximum Operating Temperatures

Filtration efficiency


Filtration efficiency  99.9% Permeability

Coefficient 10-12m2



N1 80 100 9.05 900 3 2.5 1000
N2 45 78 6.03 600 3 2.5 1000
N3 25 33 3.22 320 3 2.5 1000
N4 16 20 1.61 160 3 2.5 1000
N5 10 14 0.8 80 3 3.0 1000
N6 7 9 0.4 40 3 3.0 1000
N7 4 6 0.18 18 3 3.0 1000
1.Material: nickel and nickel alloy, Inconel600, Monel

2.Above is based on the thickness 2mm

3. INCONEL600≤1000℃,  nickel and Monel≤550℃

4.Shape: pipe/tube, plate/sheet, disc, ring, bar, foil, cone


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