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Founded in the year of 1996, located in Baoji which is titanium valley of China, Baoji Saga porous filter Co., Ltd. (abbreviation as Saga filter) is a world leader in the design, development and manufacturing of sintered porous metal media, filters, components and assemblies. These products are available in high temperature and corrosion resistant alloys, such as stainless steel, titanium, nickel, Monel, Inconel, bronze, etc. They can be offered as tubes, candles, cups, bushings, rings, cones, discs, plates, cartridges, and so on. Our sintered porous metal materials are generally used as filter media and filter cartridges, but also as diffusers, pressure regulators, silencers, fluidized beds, spargers, aerators, flame arresters, snubbers, to name a few.

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Our technological advantages

Using titanium cylinder to replace steel cylinder, and adopting new technology of vacuum hydrogenation extraction and fine grinding process, the technical problems such as incomplete hydrogen reduction, oxidation of surface material and unstable particle size are solved.

Relying on advanced vacuum sintering process and precise control of temperature and sintering time, along with self-developed powder forging technology, the rate of finished products is larger than 95%, the impurities is less than 0.002%.

By using the new type of powder rolling mill, the rolling force and the rolling speed can be controlled precisely, which makes the material with uniform pore diameter, high filtration precision and good permeability, and can meet the production requirement of the porous filter material.

After special study on the factors that affecting the material performance, such as the pressure, powder characteristics, mold and other technical problems,  the company overcomes the problems of delamination, crack, fracturing, sticking, edge-dropping and losing angle in the process of production.

Testing and identification of porous materials include pore size and distribution, maximum pore, minimum pore, average pore, viscous permeability coefficient, inertia permeability coefficient, air permeability, flux differential pressure curves of gas and different liquid and so on. It also can assess and test the integrity of porous element.

Testing and identification of engineering include filtration efficient of porous materials, fatigue strength and compressive strength. It can provide data support for assessing porous materials properties by simulating a variety of environmental conditions of the actual test.

Our Service

  • Material selection, performance testing and customized production and maintenance for sintered porous metal

  • Design, manufacture and budget for various filtration and separation equipment.

  • Research and development of multifunctional filter material

  • Focusing on providing the most optimized solutions

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